"Freedom was amazing to meet with. I reached out as a Black professional in the field of mental health and [ED] to consult with Freedom on my practices and some cases. They provided insight from their own experiences and asked thoughtful questions that allowed me to reflect on my own experiences and practices. I look forward to consulting with Freedom again." - MD

"I will always recommend their peer support to others. I am genuinely grateful to have come across the support they offer...Talking to someone that I can identify with in ways I haven’t before means the world to me." - CH

"Their gentle & empathetic approach creates a really safe space where I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable, without fear of judgment. Thank you for truly seeing me Freedom!" - KB

"It’s so meaningful to have a conversation with someone where I already know that I don’t have to explain or hide aspects of my identity. I always feel welcomed and affirmed, and receive the validation that I don’t receive in other parts of my life." - AM

"Freedom helped create a space where I could be present in living my truth... After the session I felt hopeful about finding community with people who are similar to me." - Q

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