Please email me to schedule a consultation. Rates begin at $200 per hour. Please mention needs for financial assistance in your email.

Who is Freedom? (all pronouns)

Freedom is a Black, trans genderfree, neuroexpansive cultural advocate and the founder of BlackAuDHD. They believe our futures of care will and deserve to exist beyond systems and institutions of oppression. Click here to learn more about their values and experiences.

What kind of consulting does Freedom offer?

Freedom meets with organizations, providers, parents, and practitioners who are learning to culturally and competently support hyper-marginalized folks. It is a space to develop ethical and equitable care strategies, pose questions, and process.

How do we meet?

Online via Zoom. Video is optional for all participants (including Freedom). Their sessions most often resemble a phone call. Live transcriptions are available.

Do I have to communicate with my voice?

You are welcome to use chat, AAC, or assistive technology during the session.

What are Freedom's boundaries?

I value mutuality and consulting environments where 'no' is mutually accepted. I do not feel comfortable listening to graphic specifics regarding SA or physical abuse. While it is rare, I reserve the right to refuse their services.

How do I schedule?

Please email Freedom to schedule a consultation. Aside from BlackAuDHD, they also work full time. Response times may take a few days.