This invitation for accountability is extended to those I'm in community with (digitally or IRL). I am eager to learn from folks who value Black, *neuroexpansive, disabled, abolitionist futurity.

Mistakes can offer an opportunity to deepen a life and practice that rejects anti-blackness, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, sanism, settlerism, and internalized white supremacy. If you have encouragement or feedback on how I can be more effective in my words, behavior, or affiliations, I invite you to reach out at

Please clarify in your email if you would prefer for me not to respond. I will make a genuine effort to respond to your message according to your request and my ability. By contacting me, you understand that I will likely process and disclose your submitted feedback with my trusted community. Thank you.

jn hope,


*The term Neuroexpansive is specifically for Black disabled people